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Choosing a user feedback tool: 15 things product managers love about Userback

As a product manager, you know how valuable user feedback is to your product’s success. It can guide your decisions, inform your roadmap, and ultimately drive better product-market fit, leading to growth.

But, managing user feedback can be challenging, especially when it’s scattered across different channels and platforms. you need to choose the right user feedback tool for your team, your users and your product.

That’s where Userback comes in. It’s a user feedback tool designed to help product managers streamline and automate the feedback lifecycle, from collection to closure. In this post, we’ll dive into the 20 things product managers love about Userback and how it can help you and your team build better products in less time:


Streamline Feedback Management:

Userback reduces feedback management by 70%, saving your team time and resources by streamlining the feedback process.


See exactly what happened before an issue occurred:

Session replay allows you to see how users are interacting with your product, which can help you to identify areas where you need to make improvements.


Automatically capture background user, system and session information:

User identification helps you to match feedback to specific users, so you can track feedback over time and see how it changes as your product evolves.


Collect feedback from any user and any website:

If you’re unable to install the Userback feedback widget on your website or you need to collect feedback from another website (eg you may be collecting information on competitors or gathering ‘inspiration’), Userback’s browser extension allows users to provide feedback directly from their browser. This makes it easy for customers to leave feedback in-context and in real-time while minimizing the need to switch between platforms.


Share ideas with users and get their input on what to focus on next:

The feature portal is a collaborative space for idea-sharing and feedback prioritization, so your team can work together seamlessly and prioritize features based on customer feedback.


Set up and start collecting feedback in minutes:

The customizable feedback widget templates allow you to capture specific feedback from customers, helping you to better understand what they’re looking for and what changes you need to make to your product. Browse and choose the collection method that’s right for you and start collecting user feedback instantly.


Incorporate user feedback into existing workflows:

Userback’s off-the-shelf and customizable integrations allow you to easily incorporate user feedback into your existing workflow and process tools — like Jira, Trello, and Slack — so you can sync feedback to your preferred project management or communication platform.


Reduce volume of feedback by merging similar and duplicated items:

The merge feedback feature allows you to combine similar feedback or merge duplicates, so you can streamline your feedback management process and focus on what matters most.


Collect feedback and insights when you need them:

Userback’s micro-surveys allow you to collect feedback in a non-intrusive way, which helps users to leave their thoughts without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by too many questions.


Get the help you need right when you need it:

Userback provides several support resources, including the help center and dedicated customer success team, to help you get the most out of this user feedback tool.


Collect and manage more feedback from products and websites in less time:

As a user feedback tool Userback allows product managers to collect 50% more feedback with more context, so you can make more informed decisions about your product. Userback’s feedback management platform makes it easy to collect, prioritize, and act on feedback from users and customers.


Get instantly actionable realtime insights:

Userback provides instantly actionable insights and information to product managers and their teams, so you can make informed decisions about your product.


Fix bugs faster:

Userback supports use cases like bug and issue tracking, so you can track and prioritize issues and manage them more efficiently.


Create and validate product ideas with confidence:

Userback helps teams to collaborate and prioritize feature ideas based on customer feedback, so you can build the products your customers want.


Improve product-market fit and product-led growth:

Overall, Userback allows product managers to streamline feedback management and make more informed decisions, leading to better product-market fit and product-led growth.


Userback is a powerful user feedback management platform with a host of features designed to make feedback management easier and more efficient. From the browser extension to the merge feedback feature, Userback offers everything product managers need to collect, prioritize, and act on customer feedback.

Additionally, with resources like the blog, Userversity, case studies, and a help center, users have plenty of options to help them get the most out of the platform. Overall, Userback offers a streamlined feedback management solution that can help teams to build better products in less time and optimize success indicators like product-market fit and product-led growth.

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