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Brisbane, Australia – October 21, 2022 Userback, the company for user-centered product development, today announced its continued global expansion with an increasing commitment to serve United States, United Kingdom and domestic Australian markets. The commitment comes hot on the heels of recent funding via investor Craft Ventures and a suite of product releases improving functionality of Userback’s user feedback platform.

Product Managers and software teams are faced with time consuming and manual processes to collect user feedback, ending up with disconnected information silos with no means to effectively incorporate information into their workflows to affect change. As product-led growth becomes increasingly common, especially in the SaaS and software world, losing contact with users is a key factor limiting organizations growth and market fit.

At the heart of Userback’s growth is over $2M USD in seed funding, led by Craft Ventures. 2021 and 2022 has been a productive time for the team, who are now utilizing the injection of capital to power already impressive initial growth, investing in new feature development, doubling down on customer support and investing in their growth team on their way to 300% growth goal over the next fiscal year.

“The market is ready for smarter feedback, the idea of a tidy feedback loop is a myth, ask any Product Manager and they all have experienced the same thing, that feedback loop is actually a knot, and Userback can help untangle it” stated Userback CEO, Jon Tobin.

As of October this year, Userback has surpassed 20,000 software teams utilizing the feedback platform and collected 2.1M pieces of feedback across close to 80,000 projects, some of which belong to Userback itself. The business practices what it preaches and has been utilizing user feedback to prioritize and develop new features, most recently with the release of full session replays for enhanced bug tracking and a feedback portal which provides a publicly visible user suggested roadmap and houses feedback for insight and action.

Jon Tobin went on to say “We’ve been championing the concept of user-centered product development for a long time. Think of it as a concept not unlike the more well known user-centered design, but with the feature build and bug fix at the heart of the output. The user-centric mindset led to Userback introducing visual feedback functionality like full session replays, and being first to market with video plus audio recording to help users articulate their thoughts. Incorporating our own user feedback into the feature development roadmap has been something of a gold mine and a definite contributor to our growth.”

The result has been the creation of a market leading user feedback platform with features designed by software teams, for software teams to capture feedback effectively including screen annotations, video feedback and full session replays to assist in bug tracking and remediation.

The user focused strategy appears to have been working based on recent user review site G2 recognizing Userback as a High Performer Fall 2022 and scoring the platform 9.00/10.00 in it’s Product Management Implementation Index as well as 9.55/10.00 for their Bug Tracking Relationship Index which put Userback in the number 1 position ahead of more familiar software.

The Userback team has also made changes to their consumption model introducing their user feedback platform in a range of new plans to suit freelancers, small teams and larger organizations looking to support web applications and website design regardless of CMS.

“We felt the new consumption options gave our users a better choice in how feature-rich they wanted their feedback cycle to become. In doing so we were able to create a better blend of capability and value with each individual package, so there’s something right for everyone, whether it’s a web agency building a single site for a client, or an organization looking for continuous feedback through application build, release and maintenance.” states Jon Tobin.

Today, the company boasts customers across the globe, from India, to Ireland, Berlin to Boston and a thriving domestic market across Australia and New Zealand.

Userback is the feedback platform for user-centered product development. Userback automates user feedback so customers can collect and action feedback without manual overhead. Only Userback can collect feedback in a variety of visual formats for absolute clarity, and deliver insights directly into existing tools where teams work, integrating user-centered feedback into development workflows. Over 20,000 software teams rely on Userback to enhance software, drive revenue, and improve user satisfaction through smarter product management and development choices. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Australia, Userback is backed by Craft Ventures. Start free at

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