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Session Replay

Get the backstory behind every issue and feature request

Automatically record user events, to get a deeper understanding of user behavior and site performance with Session Replay.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

With Userback, Emersoft reduces user feedback processing time by 83%

Struggling to centralize and manage bug feedback, Emersoft reduced the average processing time for user feedback from 30 minutes to 5 as developers gain ability to instantly understand bug reports.

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Feedback management time



Track every click and mouse-movement

See what you need to see

By automatically capturing all logged user events such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, and page navigation, Session Replay recreates a detailed visual recording of a user’s activity leading up to and including the submission of feedback.

Replicate issues in an instant

Developers can instantly see how an error was triggered and replicate issues without the user having to explain what they were trying to do or having to guess what may have gone wrong on your website.

Protect user privacy

Protect user privacy by allowing users to mask or exclude sensitive elements from the screenshots or session recordings and give your users total confidence to submit more feedback.

Learn Userback’s own security, GPDR compliance and more.

Add user insight to your favorite workflows