Userback SDK: 6 easy ways to customize how you collect customer feedback

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Collect customer feedback like with Userback!

When you collect customer feedback like bug reports, feature requests you understand your users’ needs and pain points, and it can help your software team to identify areas where product improvements may be necessary.

The challenge, however, is having the ability to collect customer feedback effectively and in a consistent format that makes it easier for software teams and developers to review, replicate and resolve issues. That’s where a dedicated user feedback tool can really help!


Userback is a cutting-edge user feedback tool that has been meticulously designed specifically for product managers, developers, and software teams. It empowers them to effortlessly gather valuable customer feedback from SaaS or web applications and efficiently manage it, taking their product development process to new heights.

The Userback feedback widget acts as the “engine room” for collecting customer feedback, ensuring that no valuable insights slip through the cracks. With its hassle-free installation process that takes just minutes, you can instantly start capturing customer feedback on any website or webpage. Gone are the days of relying on third-party software or manual tools like email and spreadsheets. Userback’s code-free widget allows users to seamlessly submit bug reports and feature requests directly within your app, simplifying the feedback process for both users and software teams.

But Userback doesn’t stop there. The widget goes above and beyond by enabling users to take screen shots, record videos, and make screen annotations, providing a comprehensive platform for users to express their thoughts and experiences. Simultaneously, Userback’s advanced user feedback tool captures crucial user and system information, known as User Identification, providing a deeper understanding of the feedback context. On top of that, it records a comprehensive session replay video that precisely documents the lead-up to any reported issue, allowing software teams to accurately diagnose and address problems.

To further enhance your customer feedback collection, Userback offers an SDK that provides unparalleled detail and personalization. By customizing the Userback feedback widget to suit your specific requirements, you can unlock even more insights and optimize your feedback gathering process, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your user feedback data.

Discover 6 ways to personalize how you collect customer feedback with the Userback SDK. By enhancing the user feedback collection process, you gain valuable insights into individual users’ feedback, prioritize high-profile users, track user activity, and identify trends among different user groups. Let’s dive into these examples:

  • Create an even more seamless feedback collection process by setting dynamic widget options, automating tasks, and setting up webhooks.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency in collecting customer feedback by prefilling fields and adding custom data with information about the user, such as their name, email address, and account details.
  • If you want to highlight or prioritize any feedback you receive from high value customers, you can use the Userback SDK to attach information like account ID, plan type and customer value to any feedback they submit. This allows your to tailor workflows and collect customer feedback in a way that aligns with your specific business objectives and product goals.
  • Userback’s SDK also provides built-in conditional logic that allows teams to adjust user feedback collection in real-time, so your software team can configure the SDK to dynamically hide or show fields, depending on the user’s response to previous questions.
  • Enhance the user experience for people from all over the world by switching the language of the feedback widget on the fly.
  • Another way to use the Userback SDK is to collect customer feedback is to create custom fields to capture specific information from users.

With these strategies, you can optimize your feedback collection and gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs.

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