Tech for Good: The Role of User Feedback in Social Impact

Leveraging User Feedback for Positive Change in Digital Design

In this episode of “The Product Perspective,” host Jon Tobin discusses with experts Eric Ressler and Neil Rudd the crucial role of user feedback in driving positive change and social impact through technology.

The conversation explores finding the right approach for design and digital work within agencies. Eric shares their unique “page builder” approach, empowering clients with customizable components and layouts. This flexibility allows users to maintain brand consistency and effectiveness while feeling less constrained.

Neil Rudd, a technical expert, highlights the importance of quality assurance (QA) and user testing throughout the development process. He emphasizes clients’ hands-on testing experiences to evaluate effectiveness, addressing challenges in bug reporting and reducing workflow friction for better results.

The episode further explores the tools and processes employed by Cosmic, emphasizing thinking ahead, building scalable systems, and integrating specialized tools. The speakers stress the significance of communication and conversation within the team and with clients for achieving success.

Tune in to “The Product Perspective” to gain insights from industry experts on harnessing user feedback for social impact and driving positive change through technology.


Today’s Guests: Eric Ressler & Neil Rudd

Eric Ressler, a visionary leader, is the Founder and Creative Director at Cosmic—a Creative Agency empowering social impact organizations to refine their impact stories, enhance brand awareness, and inspire meaningful action. Eric’s inspiring journey, from a young design enthusiast to a trailblazer in the social impact space, showcases his profound understanding of the intersection between design, impact, and communication. This unique perspective has revolutionized how organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of this sector.

Neil Rudd, the Technical Director at Cosmic, is an experienced consultant who passionately advocates for innovative development strategies. Neil’s unwavering belief in the power of collaboration and continuous learning greatly influences his approach to every project he undertakes. With his vast consultancy experience, he excels in demystifying complex concepts, ensuring they are easily grasped by audiences from diverse backgrounds.

The best bits:

00:04:49 Holistic, integrated approach with in-house development. Exceptional experiences delivered. Specialize in branding, not photo/video production.

00:08:51 Flexibility for clients, components for site customization.

00:13:01 QA process integrated with weekly user testing.

00:17:52 Streamlined process, less repetition using browser data.

00:20:31 Reducing friction for reporting bugs is important.

00:25:09 Challenges with tool implementation; cautious on commitment.

00:28:42 Data migration often forgotten; pain for future.

00:31:40 Ego clashes can derail design team relationships.

00:33:59 End-user feedback and tools improve project impact.

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