Product management in fast-growing SaaS companies

Beyond Collection: Using User Feedback for Effective Decision-Makin

On this episode of The Product Perspective, we welcome Matthew Johnson, a seasoned product manager with almost two decades of experience in the software industry. We discuss the importance of prioritizing user feedback, how to efficiently manage it, and implementing a culture of listening to customers throughout all stages of product development. We go over how user feedback can help prioritize roadmap items and how structuring sprints can lead to consistent delivery of customer-requested features and a quicker response time.

Additionally, we talk about how to create a dedicated portal for public feedback and why cultural feedback can shift conversations in product meetings to focus on customers. Furthermore, we discuss how user feedback can help solve decision-making and should not only be collected but acted upon. Lastly, we delve into how Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework can be used for predictive innovation, how reviews for tools in the market can provide valuable insights, and how creating a spreadsheet with features and objectives can help rank them based on their impact. This episode is perfect for product managers who want to learn how to build and manage successful software products.


Today’s Guest: Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He has worked in various business functions, including sales, customer success, marketing, and product management. Although he considers product management to be his favorite, Matthew is grateful for the opportunity to hone his skills in different areas of the business.

He particularly enjoyed working in sales and customer success, where he learned how to interact with customers and empathize with them. In marketing, Matthew honed his communication skills, which he considers a vital part of a product manager’s skill set. Today, Matthew is a proud product manager at Userback, where he brings all his diverse skill sets together. Through his journey, he has learned the importance of empathy, communication, and bringing value to customers.

The best bits:

00:01:10 “Meet the Product Manager with Diverse Experience”
00:04:50 “User Feedback: The Golden Key to Product Improvement”
00:08:33 “Overcoming Barriers to Effective User Feedback Collection”
00:10:29 “Maximizing Impact: How to Prioritize Features Effectively”
00:12:51 “User Feedback: Keeping Teams Aligned and Agile”
00:14:09 “Prioritizing User Feedback: A Key to Success”
00:17:27 “Maximizing Feedback Collection for Product Improvement”
00:21:31 “Collecting Feedback: Just the Start, Take Action”
00:23:15 “Staying Ahead in a Fast-Paced SaaS Market”
00:24:20 “Stay Ahead of Competitors with JTBD Framework”

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