WTF is User Centered Product Development

The Holy Grail of Product Market Fit: Strategies for Continuous Alignment

On this episode of The Product Perspective, we explore the concept of Product Market Fit and user-centered design. We’ll discuss how being user-led can be a trap and how it’s crucial to understand the real problem and provide an appropriate solution.

Additionally, we’ll delve into the biggest challenge for product managers, which is aligning with users, especially with numerous requirements and KPIs to meet. We’ll also touch on the importance of effective communication between teams, the adoption of tools or platforms, and personal approaches to achieve wins within the team. Join us as we uncover valuable insights on user alignment and delivering products that meet user needs.


Today’s Guest: Michelle Piccoto

Michelle Piccoto is the Head of Product Marketing at DeepStar Strategic, whose work revolves around user centered product development. Residing in Brisbane, Michelle has driven growth for startups and enterprises alike through her expertise in brand positioning and go to market strategies in both Europe and Australia.

The best bits:

00:01:17 “User Sensored Product Development: Putting Users First”
00:03:08 “Shorter Sprints Don’t Always Mean Better Results”
00:04:39 “Balancing User Feedback and Organizational Goals”
00:07:33 “The Importance of User-Centered Design: An Analogy”
00:09:00 “Product Managers’ Biggest Challenge: Aligning with Users”
00:10:49 “Challenges of Centralizing Voice of Customer Data”
00:12:38 “Mind-shift crucial for empowering product managers”
00:15:18 The Complex Role of Product Managers Explained
00:18:36 “Maximizing Impact & Adoption of Automation Tools”
00:20:41 “Unlocking the Holy Grail of Product Market Fit”

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