Navigating the Transition: From Healthcare to Tech Product Management

Lessons in Diverse Career Paths

In this episode of “The Product Perspective,” host Jon Tobin is joined by product manager Nathan Nguyen to delve into the transition from a healthcare background to a career in tech product management.

Nathan and Jon emphasize the benefits of starting a career at a startup, the value of non-tech backgrounds in product management, and the importance of building and shipping products to learn and grow. They stress the significance of practical skills, effective communication, and understanding customer requirements in product management roles.

Nathan recounts his remarkable journey, transitioning from a healthcare professional to a product manager at a renowned B2B SaaS company. He highlights the invaluable transferable skills and experiences that played a pivotal role in his successful career shift.

Discover a treasure trove of knowledge for those contemplating or embarking on a career change into product management. This episode of “The Product Perspective” is packed with practical tips, personal anecdotes, and industry expertise that will empower and inspire you on your own career journey. Tune in now to gain valuable insights and elevate your professional path.


Today’s Guest: Nathan Nguyen

Nathan, a product manager at Employment Hero, has embarked on a captivating journey across a range of fields. From founding a blockchain-focused web development company to working in the medical field and collaborating with Olympic athletes, his experiences have been nothing short of fascinating.

Nathan’s passion lies in delving deep into data, design, and customer research to tackle intricate problems. Having worked in both larger organizations and small startups, he possesses a unique ability to leverage diverse strengths and create solutions that deeply resonate with customers while driving business growth.

The best bits:

00:00 Transitioned from physiotherapy to product management during COVID.

14:18 Product companies fall into feature trap blindly.

17:32 Product management is challenging but rewarding journey.

20:42 Overcoming shyness, making meaningful connections, networking mindset.

25:57 PM interviews: Importance of Cracking the Interview

28:26 Ability to quickly validate ideas, decisive character.

33:01 Enjoy the process, pace yourself, connect empathetically.

34:26 Self awareness, personal brand, smaller company advantages.

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