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The Power of Visual Feedback

Leveraging Session Replay for Comprehensive Bug Tracking

Are you tired of wasting time on long and confusing bug reports that never seem to get resolved? If that sounds familiar, then you don’t want to miss out on this webinar!

Userback, the top feedback and bug tracking tool, brings you this webinar featuring Matthew Keir, our Marketing Director, and Daniel Ray, our Customer Success Manager. They will delve into the game-changing potential of visual feedback and session replays in bug tracking, shining a light on Userback’s crucial role in simplifying this process.

In this webinar, you will discover firsthand how Userback’s Session Replay can revolutionize your bug tracking experience, enabling efficient communication and accurate bug identification.

Speakers: Daniel Rae & Matthew Keir

Matthew Keir – Marketing Director at Userback

Matthew Keir is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the field. His extensive background has provided valuable insights into harnessing the potential of user feedback to steer businesses towards remarkable success. Matthew is a driving force behind Userback’s marketing strategies, facilitating growth and innovation.

Daniel Rae, Customer Success Manager at Userback

Daniel is a valuable member of the Userback Customer Success team. With a passion for championing customer feedback, Daniel collaborates closely with product managers, developers, and web designers, unlocking the potential of their creations.

He understands that customer insights are the key to success, and he’s here to share his knowledge on how to turn those insights into actionable improvements.

Learn more about how Userback helps you to develop and execute your Product Strategy.

Webinar Outline

The Challenges of Feedback Collection

  • Traditional Feedback Flaws
  • Bug Replication Hurdles
  • Communication Gaps

Userback’s Session Replay

  • Real-Time Visual Insights
  • Accurate Bug Identification
  • User-Centric Feedback
  • Efficient Communication

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Q/A Time

A brief summary of “The Power of Visual Feedback –
Leveraging Session Replay for Comprehensive Bug Tracking”

This webinar is perfect for professionals who want to make bug tracking a breeze. With Userback’s Session Replay, you’ll be able to get an authentic view from the user’s perspective while facilitating efficient communication and reducing communication gaps.

In the webinar, we explored the benefits of session replays: they give us more context for bug analysis, speed up bug resolution, and enhance communication with customers.

Here are the main points discussed:

1. Userback’s session replay feature offers video-like action replays of user interactions, giving real-time visual insights and accurate bug identification.

2. Unlike traditional feedback flows, session replays provide valuable context that enhances bug analysis and communication with users.

3. Userback prioritizes user privacy by offering options to block, ignore, or mask specific classes and IDs, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

4. Error tracking and logging can be seamlessly integrated with Userback’s session replay, ensuring proper functionality.

5. Session replay data can be shared across various integrations, facilitating seamless distribution of information among teams and tools.