Cracking the Code: Mastering eCommerce Product Management for High-Value Products

Insights and strategies from a Product Manager

In this engaging episode, our host Jon Tobin is joined by the esteemed guest Gareth Behn, a seasoned professional with a wealth of industry experience spanning healthcare, insurance, and travel. Together, they delve into the intricate challenges of driving high-value purchases through compelling online experiences and the nuanced metrics for analyzing user behavior on eCommerce sites.

Gareth elaborates on the multifaceted nature of understanding user behavior for high-value products, emphasizing the significance of identifying unique selling points to establish a competitive edge. The conversation takes an insightful turn as they explore the evolving role of a product manager as a mini CEO, highlighting the differing approaches between scrappy startups and established organizations, and offering a glimpse into the future of eCommerce search experiences.

Furthermore, the discussion delves into the paramount importance of informed decision-making, continuous changes, and validation, underscoring the need to comprehend consumer behavior to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic realm of eCommerce. Gareth shares his astute views on the current state of product management, emphasizing the imperative for product managers to proactively anticipate and adapt to market demands.


Today’s Guest: Gareth Behn

Gareth Behn, a distinguished industry leader with over two decades of experience, possesses extensive expertise in product management and e-commerce. His exceptional track record spans across various sectors, including healthcare, insurance, and the travel industry, where he has consistently delivered outstanding results.

During the recent pandemic, Gareth demonstrated resilience and adaptability, steering his teams through challenging times and emerging stronger than before. His expertise lies in high-value e-commerce products, where he provides valuable insights into the intricate challenges faced by product managers.

Gareth’s ability to decipher consumer behavior, optimize user experiences, and drive conversion metrics sets him apart in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce. His deep understanding of customer trust and his ability to navigate the digital marketplace make him an invaluable resource for product creators, innovators, and industry leaders seeking to elevate their presence and drive success in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

The best bits:

00:00 Transitioning through product, insurance, and travel industries amid challenges. Joined Contiki during pandemic uncertainty.

04:32 Different industries have unique research approaches, such as SaaS and ecommerce. SaaS focuses on subscription and retention.

09:35 Understanding consumer behavior online: using Hotjar for session recordings, heat maps, and scroll maps to analyze interactions and propensity to click continue toward checkout.

12:08 Connecting with product creators increases understanding and passion, leading to business success.

16:41 Validation before building is crucial for data-driven decision making in product management. Communicate with stakeholders and prioritize validation in larger corporations.

17:47 Validation in SaaS: data versus direct user feedback.

23:37 Product managers are vital across organizations, especially in ecommerce, as online transactions increase among younger consumers. They generate insights and prioritize tasks.

25:57 E-commerce platforms struggle with human interaction, creating user issues. Feedback-driven improvements are needed.

29:15 Great design is important for product organization and AI search is changing how we use keywords.

31:52 Keywords obsolete, humanized e-commerce search.

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