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Feedback Lifecycle Phase Three

Assign and action feedback

Seamlessly integrate feedback tasks into your existing workflows and assign them to team members to ensure new features and fixes are delivered with maximum efficiency and minimal frustration.

Move with greater speed, move with greater insight

Automatically synchronize user feedback with your workflows and enable software teams and developers to immediately turn insight into action with all the contextual and visual information they need. With all the information at your fingertips, you and your team can stop wasting precious time chasing up information or trying to reproduce issues.

Stop hunting, start fixing

No more wasting time trying to reproduce or diagnose the root cause of issues with no context.

Visual context means you can see exactly what users mean and where an issue occurred, including the user’s steps to get there through events and console logs. You no longer have to ask for rudimentary technical details such as browser version or device type, and it’s all there automatically so you can hit the ground running.

Learn more about Session Replay

Automated for more productive sprints

Reduce the effort of estimations and speed time to resolution.

Userback removes any ambiguity and subjectivity from bug reports by automatically capturing contextual information in the background:

  • Session Information
  • User Data
  • Console Logs
  • Event Tracking

Automate distribution for faster action

Minimize triage times and deliver approved feedback directly to teams or individuals with complete context. Provide developers and designers everything they need to find, build and fix without messing around.

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