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Bug Tracking Software

Replicate and resolve issues faster with contextual and visual bug reports

Let people report bugs in-app and give developers the session, system and user details they need to get things fixed faster.

We (honestly) love bug tracking

That’s why we’re consistently rated as one of the world’s leading bug tracking platforms.

Get the complete context for every bug

Most developers will tell you that fixing bugs is a pain in the butt. Too often they receive ambiguous and incomplete reports, which means they have to waste precious time and effort chasing up more information before they can get started.

With Userback developers have immediate access to all the information that they need to replicate and resolve issues because users can submit complete and actionable bug reports along with supporting information. All relevant console, system and user data is automatically captured in the background.

Bug reports your developers will love

Every bug report comes with user commentary and system information that shows developers exactly what was happening when an issue arose:

  • Annotated Screen Shots
  • Screen Capture Videos
  • Audio Recordings
  • Session Replays
  • Console Logs
  • Session Replays

Save time and work smarter together

Userback helps teams collaborate by seamlessly integrating bug reports into your existing workflows. When a user reports a bug, you receive a real-time notification and can reply immediately to confirm the report has been received and to ask any further questions.

Once you have assessed the information you can collaborate with your team to create actionable tasks, prioritize action, assign resources, track progress and confirm closure.

  • Custom Workflows
  • Email & Chat Notifications
  • User Permissions
  • Assign Tasks
  • Team Collaboration
  • Filter Bugs, Feedback & more

Designed to work the way you work

From app to repository, instantly

Automatically send visual bug reports to your GitHub repository.

Visual reports direct to developers

Streamline bug tracking by instantly sending visual bug reports as new issues in GitLab.

Save money, fix faster

Save money on licenses by allowing your entire team to send visual bug reports directly into Jira.

Do you rely on disconnected tools for managing bug reports?

If you still use emails, phone calls and spreadsheets to manage bugs, it’s time to look for an all-in-one solution like Userback.

You can centralize all your bug report information and tasks in one easy-to-manage workspace. The highly customizable user interface can easily be integrated with your other project management processes and tools using:

  • Dozens of Native Integrations
  • Zapier Integration
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Webhooks
  • Javascript API
  • Browser Extension

Saves time, improves communication. It's by far the best tool out there for acquiring visual feedback on our websites.

Shane B.Founder

Elegant, simple, and great value for money. UserBack is a must-look-at for anyone in need of a feedback tool.

JP SProduct Manager

Amazing for any SaaS or Software Development Company. I love the software... and the support is always amazing.

Naveen D.Assistant Manager

Easy and practical to use tool for both bug tracking and customer feedback.

Adrian C.QA Manager

The software is customizable. We use "status" for issue and bug tracking, moving tickets into sprints, beta and live, and the backlog.

Jess W.Digital Project Manager

Userback has quickly become a critical tool for external and internal users to provide feedback. Internal staff LOVE the ease of use and improved workflow.

Kenton S.Technology Supervisor
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