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Userback vs Bugherd

Userback – a better alternative to Bugherd

Looking for Bugherd alternatives? We’ve got your back.

Go with the real #1 for bug tracking according to real users

The market has spoken, and voted Userback the #1 tool for bug tracking across web applications and web sites. Capture more, automate more and do more with the simplicity of Userback.


Easy setup and onboarding in a modern UI

Watch a session replay of user feedback and bug reports

Collect feedback with annotated video screen recordings

Collect and manage user feedback in an elegant UI

Collect visual feedback on any web page or application

Lightning-fast tools for your users to report feedback

Capture ideas and votes from users in a public roadmap

Fully customize workflows to manage feedback your way

Capture multiple types of feedback in a customizable widget

Integrate with issue tracking and project management tools

Awesome tool to gather customer feedback and bugs! We use Userback daily to quickly get feedback from our clients on their website development projects. Our clients love it and the video feedback tool is a nice way to see the exact issue in their browser.

Kaushal ShethFounder, Xenrion
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