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Product Strategy

Build user-centric products based on richer user insights

Optimize your product-market fit and boost product-led growth opportunities.

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

"Makes it easy to get feedback from early SaaS users"



Put users at the heart of everything you do

Drive growth and improve customer experiences by considering user opinions, ideas, and criticism. Develop more successful product strategies and build roadmaps with direct input from paying users. It all starts with collection, analyzing, and implementing feedback correctly.

Know where to maximize value

Put users at the center of your product. Userback makes it simple to collect, organize, validate and adopt product feedback and ideas directly from users in one place. Let users highlight where they need you to enhance functionality and add greater value.

Put users at the center and improve your product launch success.

Centralize, socialize and prioritize features

Userback’s easy-to-use Feature Portal allows you to collect, assess and share user insights, opinions and suggestions to make decisions that drive your product strategy forward.

Users and stakeholders can vote for new features and make comments, allowing you to prioritize what’s truly important to them in order to optimize product-market fit and build product advocacy.

Expose and validate ideas

Deliver Micro-Surveys in-app or directly on websites to accelerate validation of user or internally created product ideas. Know with certainty which future product ideas should make the roadmap with more user votes, in less time.


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