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More user insights
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Boost conversion, retention, and user satisfaction with one user feedback platform.

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User Feedback Platform

Join a community of over 20,000 product teams building better with user feedback

Capture targeted feedback

Trigger surveys and collect feedback from specific users for more insightful product feedback.

Link actions to insights

Watch session replays alongside user feedback and survey responses to better understand user sentiment.

Keep it all together

Centralize feature requests, bug reports and in-app surveys for faster user feedback management.

Unlock customer happiness & product success with user insights.

Continuously optimize with always-on feedback.

Conduct NPS, CSAT and other In-App Surveys to measure sentiment and understand the impact of product changes via always-on user feedback.

See exactly what your users see.

Watch Session Replays to dive deeper into user feedback and survey responses. Find issues hiding in plain site and collect more meaningful user insights.

Simplify bug tracking and QA.

Easily find design and other issues in your product and resolve them faster with the help of Annotated Screenshots and technical metadata.

SaaS user segments

Hear from the right users.

Create User Segments and trigger targeted surveys and feedback requests to increase response rates and capture more insightful user feedback.

Build with confidence.

Capture feature requests and votes from your users so you can prioritize ideas and close the feedback loop with a branded Feature Portal.

All in one place.

Collect and manage user feedback together in a single platform and reduce your feedback management overhead by 70%.

Userback has everything product teams need to gain user insights that lead to happier customers and product success.

“User feedback management is critical to our success. But it was slowing us down, until we discovered Userback.”
“I can’t stress enough how important it is to collect feedback from our actual users. Because that is, in my view, the most critical aspect to getting a successful application out.”
“Extremely straightforwad from the end user‘s perspective – even non tech-savvy users take advantage of it to report issues or make suggestions for our platform.”
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