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Moments That Moved Us

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we released our 2022 year in review, but it’s that time again as we enter the festive season and the year’s end.


So, let’s dive into what made 2023 a great year for Userback and how we (hopefully) helped make your 2023 a winner too!

We helped with a lot of feedback…

We helped your teams launch over 15,200 new feedback projects.

They covered General Feedback, Bug Reports, QA, and more.

You connected 11,800 integrations that helped supercharge existing workflows.

Clickup, Slack, and Jira were your favorites.

1,867,924 pieces of feedback passed through Userback.

That’s a lot of insight.

It wasn’t just feedback either…

We gave you context.

We helped you understand why with 242,830 session replays.

Screenshots proved powerful as you created 1,334,231 annotated screenshots.

It all came together to save you serious time.

Userback helped product teams save an estimated 326,887 hours worth of feedback investigation, action, and management.

That’s 37.31 years.

We delivered a ton of upgrades and new releases…

Here’s some of our team’s favorites.

Our platform continued to evolve.

Userback 3.0 made a big splash as we modernized the UI of Userback.

We said ‘goodbye’ to duplicate feedback with the merge feedback feature release.

Introducing widget templates made launching new projects even faster.

We launched the REST API to help boost productivity effortlessly.

We got even more serious about security this year.

2FA was introduced to the Userback product to help secure your logins.

We kicked off our SOC2 compliance process (its a long one).

Helping our users in 2023 was big as we made plenty of investment.

We increased support coverage, adding more dedicated (wo)man hours.

Investment in CS technology saw ticket response times decrease 22%.

We had fun sharing Information and opportunities.

The Product Perspectivepodcast was born! Get it on Apple or Spotify.

Our new affiliate program launched late in 2023, creating new revenue opportunities for you.

We helped you benchmark with the The State of User-Centered Product Development Report.

And, it all happened across 105 countries.

The most exciting part of 2023 for us, was the fact we spent a large chunk of it working on a suite of major feature releases which are coming in 2024. If you’d like early access to those features, request it by completing the Userback survey.


Here’s to a great 2024 together, as we march towards better user feedback, better products and our best year ever!