Userversity Report

The State of User-Centered Product Development

Successful user-centered product development starts with how effectively you maintain and manage inbound user insight and directly contributes to the success of new product and feature launches.

This report focuses on global organizations and their ability to connect, stay connected and harness user communities to power UCPD across the product lifecycle. Dive deep into the foundations of User-centered Product Development and learn:

  1. User-Centered Product Development increases successful product launches by up to 35%
  2. Product teams struggle with post-release user connectivity – increasing feedback management times by 40%
  3. User-centered product development can produce an ROI of $1.57 in post-release for every $1.00 spent during pre-release

To collect the data provided in the Userback UCPD report, Userback anonymously surveyed 500 product managers currently employed full-time and combined that data with usage statistics from over 1,000,000 pieces of feedback collected and managed via Userback in 2022.

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